In English

Here is a quick summary of what the site is about. It is about relevance, which in Finnish translates to ”oleellisuus”. Central focuses are morals, potentials, questioning, ”unconditioning the conditioned”, understanding, presence, morality, logic, love and peace. In short: Continuously exploring the reality as it unveils to an individual (and perhaps also to other individuals).

Focus is in relevance, how it can be seen as the core meaning of existence.

No matter what your background, what matters is what matters. It is relevant. But by actively focusing on what our focus is, by questioning and feeling what resonates and appears logical and kind, might have a high relevance. Also, what kind of understanding an individual is able to make out of the reality, tends to shift the focus of their attention and open up new potentials.

We live in a world of possibilities and by pursuing  ”a felt understanding”, we can expand our sense of relevance and live accordingly. Urgently notable is the amount of suffering that is taking place and the systematic inequalities of our society. What our focus is, is how our reality – our life, plays out and what reality elements it sustains. Relevance is universal focus point in a world of made-up irrelevancies, one might boldly state… or is it so?

For more stuff in English,  there is the following youtube channel (some playlists): Tuomo Tuumailee